not quite 24 hours ago


My brother and his family stayed with us the past couple days. Last night after all three kids were asleep (Mary, Lily, and Nathan), the four adults stayed up talking. It was getting close to the time Mark needed to leave for his two a.m. adoration hour, and since we’d been having a lively discussion about faith, I felt like joining him. It had been a long time since I’d spent any time in the adoration chapel at St John’s, and it’d been nearly 18 months since Mark and I had gone by ourselves, no babe in tow. I’m glad Mary slept like a champ while we were gone, although I’m sure Patrick or Ryn could’ve gotten her back asleep without issues.

Mark (or Santa?!) had left the above book about St Clare in my stocking, so I read part if it while we were at the chapel. Even though we’ve been to Assisi, and we’re naming our second baby Clare Frances, I don’t know her whole story. This book is pretty elementary in style (perfect at 2:30 in the morning). I imagine I’ll finish it up soon. We’ll have to find some children’s books about Clare and Francis sometime. I bet my in-laws would love to pick some up while they’re in Assisi next fall! I know we saw lots of cute ones there, and I think we even bought one for our nephew/godson Nathan.

Here are some photos of Mary with those two cousins:




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