non-Christmas gifts

I’m trying to think of one biggish present for Mark to buy me for Christmas. We’re being lame this year and not giving surprises, except stocking stutters and maybe small items. I have bought him the Harry Potter Blu-ray box set (oddly enough from because it was a lot cheaper!).

But, I’m not sure what I want…

I thought about a pregnancy pillow, but that’s not very fun. I’d love picture ledges for the living room, but can’t find any that I like (and that we can afford) except for ones from IKEA, and they don’t really ship things.

I can think of lots of things I want, but they don’t quite fit the bill:

-baby stuff, like newborn cloth diapers!
-a Kitchenaid mixer $$$
-a police badge necklace $$$$
-maternity khakis
-an orange back door
-a dresser…and somewhere to put it!
-time to play board games and be crafty
-a Kindle, but I’m not sure really…



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