– I love homemade potato soup. I also love that Mary did a decent job feeding herself a bowl.

– I made a deal with my husband. He cleaned our bathroom last night and I have to do four loads of laundry today. Including putting away the clean clothes…

– Mary has her six-month post-post-op cardiologist check-up (meaning it’s been 7 months since her open-heart surgery). The only part that makes me nervous is keeping her happy and still on the table for the echocardiogram (usually lasts around 30 minutes). I’m bring bubbles, stickers, and my iPhone. I’m confident her heart will still look perfect!

– My friend, also named Maggie, who also has a 16-month-old, and who is also due in early May with baby #2, is babysitting Mary on Monday during my appt. Then I’m baby-sitting Liam during her appt on Tuesday. How perfect, huh?

– My newest niece was born on Wednesday. Rebecca Louise. What a wonderful name!

– I’m considering doing a Project 365 photo thing for 2012. Also wishing I would’ve named this blog mamamaggie. šŸ™‚

– I started a monthly dinner out for girls only. (Thanks to my sister, I stole her idea.) Last month we had 8, I think, and it looks like we’ll have over 10 on Monday. I love having a meal without having to entertain & clean up after Mary.



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