boy or girl?

I am so much more anxious this time around to find out the gender of our baby. The anxiousness has surprised me! With Mary, we both were hoping for a girl, but I remember thinking as we waited for that ultrasound that big brothers are nice, too. (I do have three of them!) I honestly would’ve been happy to hear either “boy” or “girl”. Also, with Mary, my sister Marianne was pretty much the only other person I knew that was pregnant and she waits until birth to find out…

This time I know three other women that are quite close to me that are pregnant and also due in May, plus a couple more that are more like an acquaintance. And I’ve been somewhat active on a “mommy board” for May 2012 moms…so it seems like everyone is finding out what they’re having, or scheduling their gender scans. Mark and I both hope to have a son someday, someday soon (how cute would our little baby boy be?!), but every time I pack away the clothes Mary outgrows or think about how sweet our precious daughter is, I’d just love to give her a sister. 🙂

Agh! So “boy” or “girl”. Either will be great to hear! Can’t wait until December 5th so we’ll know!!



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