Mary is napping on me, and I hid the remote from her so well that I can’t find it. Since Hulu is stuck on the menu, I guess I’ll take this time to blog via my phone.

Our little family has all suffered a notsofun stomach bug, but we are all now officially recovered! Today I went to the grocery store with Mary (for the first time in weeks, I think), vacuumed the living room, and did some laundry. I might be finally getting some second trimester energy!! Although, I am feeling a teensy bit nauseated as it gets later in the day….

I finally looked at this website & Facebook page called “Play at Home Mom”. I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately because now that Mary is finally big enough to do some fun stuff, I have no desire to do anything but lie on the couch on my days off. But like I said, I might be getting some energy back, and if not, I’ll just fake it. She’s such a fun little girl. I think I’ll try some sort of sensory bin soon.

Also on my to-do list…whip this house into shape. It’s terrible! Halloween decorations still need to be put away…toilets cleaned, laundry piles taken care of….just lots of stuff. I need to make myself do a little each night after putting Mary Berry to bed, bit that’s when I usually feel the worst. (My morning sickness is backwards.)

Also, I need to get Mary to nap in her crib. She hasn’t done that since August! While I love cuddling her on the couch (and I usually sleep too), it’d be great to have a bit of baby-free time during the day. I let her cry in her crib today while I showered, but 20ish minutes later, she was still standing and hollerin’.

This photo is before our attempted naptime:


I asked her to go “night-night” and down she went! 🙂

Well, my husband’s almost home (he has normal hours this week due to a class), so I’ll wrap it up. Have a good one!


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