stomach bug :(

We’re visiting both sets of parents this weekend (when we visit one, we visit the other, since they handily live only about 20 minutes apart).

After dinner with my folks and one sister’s family, we drove back to town to stay at my in-laws. Mary promptly threw up after I got her out of the car. We both bathed and got in our jammies, then it hit again. Poor babe threw up/dry heaved several times over the next three hours.

Our night wasn’t very restful and now my husband has it. 😦

We’re supposed to have a big Thanksgiving meal with Mark’s whole family and some friends, too. Mark’s aunt is in town (from Madrid) and his oldest brother is leaving for Army boot camp next week. I hate that this illness is ruining our day! I feel like we should leave before lunch to hopefully avoid spreading germs, but I’m not sure what we’ll do…

Mary is feeling good though, and drinking milk. And riding a moose.



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