Sometimes, I really wish Mary was done with nursing forever.

She bites. Seriously. Not every day. Not always hard. But a lot more than I thought she would. I always kinda rolled my eyes (you know, in my mind) when people talk about weaning when their babies get teeth. Because, really, it normally doesn’t cause issues. And it doesn’t cause a huge issue with us. It just can be annoying. And painful.

Also, I feel like she doesn’t eat as much real food as she should. I get so frustrated when she throws over half of her food onto the floor. I get frustrated when she chucks her sippy cup at the dog. I have no idea if these things would improve if she was weaned, but I think about that.

And finally, I am returning to work (part-time) later this month. I’m working five days every two weeks. Three of those shifts will be 10 hours. It’d be nice if Mary didn’t have to come up over my lunch break to nurse.

But, I still really love nursing. It’s relaxing for both of us. It’s good for both of us, her and me.

I can’t imagine not letting her naturally wean, but maybe it will be sooner than I thought. I always imagined nursing until at least two years, but the last two times I’ve put her in the crib….I didn’t nurse her to sleep, I just put her in there awake. And she went right to sleep. Like the good baby she is.


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