Rediscovering Catholicism

Have I mentioned this book, Rediscovering Catholicism? It’s good. Our young adult group at church is doing a book study over it, and I’m enjoying what it says.

I’m only through part II (almost), but the one theme that really sticks out to me is discipline. This is something that I know I lack. I’ve known it for years. Seriously. Thank God I was blessed with some brains because I never put much effort into school, and I have a professional degree (Doctor of Pharmacy). And I never put much effort into basketball, but I was quite good in high school (set a school record at least).

But hopefully I am finally realizing (realizing in a way that means I will change my ways), that lacking in discipline will not lead me to a holy life. God’s grace may get me close, but I definitely need to put effort forth.

Obviously I need discipline in my prayer life. But I also need discipline in my daily tasks as a wife and mother. Tonight I’m cleaning the house (and blogging a bit, huh?) and while it’s not really fun, I am feeling good about it. And tomorrow, I think I’ll take a long over-due “media fast” day, so instead of having the tv on constantly, I might just read more books to my daughter.


I’m going to tack a photo on the end here, and it’s actually relevant! 😉 While in New Mexico last month, we visited the shrine at Chimayo, and the tiny ninety-something-year-old priest had the book Rediscovering Catholicism on his desk.




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