don’t forget

We’ve been away, and I’ll post something more substantial sometime, but I wanted to write down some things about Mary before I forget.

She says “Uh-oh”. Or “oh-uh”.
She’s definitely a walker. Can’t leave the house without shoes.
She can sign for milk and drank almost a whole sippy of it with her pasta tonight.
She crawled up on her rocking cow all by herself.
She slept very well while we were away. I still am in shock that she sleeps eight hours or more straight on her own. Makes me feel bad for any frustration I ever had over her sleep, and while we still snuggle every morning and for naps sometimes, I miss co-sleeping a bit. Crazy, I know.
Mary barked back at Uncle’s pups.
She loves Cheerios. If I constantly hand them to her, she’ll stay content, even on long car trips.




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thirty-something. working on life.
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