Food Waste Friday: First, Fail

(I’m on my phone, trying (in vain, I’m sure) to convince Mary that she should continue napping because half an hour won’t cut it…but I hope to eventually liven this post up with links.)

One of my favorite bloggers, Kristen at The Frugal Girl, documents her food waste every Friday.

As I was doing a massive fridge clean-out this week, I was embarrassed by how much I was throwing away, and I started taking photos with my phone.










Terrible, huh? And I know a couple things got dumped without me taking a photo.

This month we are limiting our eating out (exceptions are if we use a giftcard and on our roadtrip), so I’m focusing on our meals at home. Hopefully smart buying and smart cooking will help improve our food waste issues.


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2 Responses to Food Waste Friday: First, Fail

  1. pattyabr says:

    Check out the Fall edition of Rachael Ray Everyday (my sister gifted me a subscription so the newer one is out) Her editors did planning for a month of meals using 5-6 basics that she made in advance, froze and then used 1-3 of those basics into recipes for a month. It might help reduce waste. Just a thought. I also have a clean out the fridge cooking day where I use those ingredients in a recipe while cleaning it out. Just a thought. Cool blog. Good Luck.

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