nursing back to good health

I didn’t write yesterday, because I was too busy taking care of Mary. And when I wasn’t taking care of her, I was exhausted.

Sunday evening, our electricity went out about an hour after Mary started running a fever. She and I went to spend the night with my brother’s family while Mark went to work. She was doing better (no fever and running around…well, as much running as she can with her wobbly little legs), but at two a.m., after very little sleep for either of us, she was burning up again. Instead of waking up the whole house, I just woke up my sister-in-law’s sister who was sleeping on the couch to ask her to lock the door behind me, and the Berry and I headed home. Luckily our power was back on, and after some Tylenol, she slept in my arms for the rest of the night and most of Monday. I started dozing off around 4:30 a.m., and when Mark got home a couple hours later, he snuggled her awhile so I could get better sleep.

Using the ol’ iPhone trick to see if she was asleep:


Cozy on my brother’s guest bed, right before I turned off the lamp and she promptly spit up her blueberry yogurt:


She seems to be much better now. I haven’t given her medicine in about 22 hours. She managed 3.5 hours in her crib last night. And she’s asleep in my arms right now, I’m just waiting for her to unlatch so I can try to put her down for a proper nap….


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