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Monday’s goal

Is to make the playroom look AWESOME. Advertisements

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Random photos while I try to get this baby to stay asleep: We made our own taco salad shells using tortillas, Fiestaware bowls, and the oven. Oh. Also some cooking spray and a cookie sheet. I made lasagna for the … Continue reading

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don’t forget

We’ve been away, and I’ll post something more substantial sometime, but I wanted to write down some things about Mary before I forget. She says “Uh-oh”. Or “oh-uh”. She’s definitely a walker. Can’t leave the house without shoes. She can … Continue reading

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framed fortunes

I think I wrote a long time ago about a frame I bought from Target on clearance for less than $3. And I showed that I spray painted over the generic quote and designs? And I told you how I … Continue reading

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(I’m not sure how good the quality of that photo is, since it’s been emailed and iPhone’d and all kinds of stuff…I’ll try to check it out on a computer later…if our laptop’s screen works or our desktop’s keyboard works!) … Continue reading

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it adds up

Lately I’ve been thinking about how lots of little purchases add up to a lot of money. It’s obvious, of course, but easy to ignore. I was wondering yesterday how much I/we spend on soda each month. We don’t always … Continue reading

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Food Waste Friday: First, Fail

(I’m on my phone, trying (in vain, I’m sure) to convince Mary that she should continue napping because half an hour won’t cut it…but I hope to eventually liven this post up with links.) One of my favorite bloggers, Kristen … Continue reading

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