the infant days are gone

Ah, my little monkey. She gives kisses now. What is sweeter than a baby kiss?

She also gives kisses to her baby doll. She hugs the doll and rolls over on it. We really need to name that doll.

Mary is drinking whole milk some. Maybe five ounces per day, max. The doctor said to keep it under 24 oz, so I think we’re safe. She still nurses around 5-6 times each day.

Sleep has regressed a little. Lately the longest stretch of the night is maybe five hours. I’m wondering if it’s because of the milk (she definitely burps more) or that she’s getting closer to walking. She takes good string of up to ten steps multiple times a day. It’s crazy that any day now she’ll be running around.

Naps have been hit or miss. I like it when they hit. 🙂






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