my own white whine

My husband told me about this website called “White Whine” a couple days ago. It’s a humorous look at “a collection of first-world problems.” I hadn’t looked at it until just a couple hours ago, when, in my head, I was going over my “problems” that have been causing much grumpiness today. I have my fair share of grumpy days and if I take the time, I can usually pinpoint what ridiculous things are causing me to emotionally overreact.

So, I’m going to share some white whining now in lieu of Thankful Thursday. If we both ignore the sarcasm, I’m sure we’ll see how fortunate I truly am! And surely my attitude will pick up.

Our friend is giving us a very nice computer. Giving as in “free”. I’m sure some of the generosity stems from the fact that we’ve let him crash at our house numerous times, often multiple nights in a row. Well, our “free” computer has now cost us over $400 because our current monitor wasn’t compatible and we also had to purchase Windows. These expenses have been surprises to me in the past few hours.

It’s six o’clock and my sweet one-year-old is just now dozing off in my lap. I’ve attempted to put her down to nap many times today (and once successfully – it lasted five whole minutes!). I’m sure part of the problem is the computer nerd excitement going on in our living room. She hates to miss things, I think.

It’s 77 degrees in my house. My house with the new windows and new AC.

Due to miscommunication, when Mark ordered our lunch today, he didn’t get us any tabouli. That was the dish I was most excited about. Of course, our friend paid for lunch, so I couldn’t be too upset.

Our friend (geez, maybe I’m not good with company) walked into our bedroom earlier. The bedroom where my lacy underwear and other unmentionables were hanging out in plain view. Well, plain view amidst the mess, you know?

To be continued, my once dozing child is now sobbing…


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