nursery tour

One of my favorite websites showcases children’s rooms and nurseries. Check them out here at Ohdeedoh.

I’m (very) slowly getting things done in Mary’s playroom, and when it looks more fun, I’ll take some photos to share. But before I started rearranging her things too much, I wanted to preserve how her nursery looked for her first year. Actually, it’s normally a lot messier than it appears here. And for many months, it had a TV that was largley unused. But anyways. What follows is a fairly accurate depiction of my baby girl’s room.

This is the view walking in from the hallway. Look at the sweet baby who came to greet us!

My mother-in-law bought the giant giraffe (Clancy) on sale. It’s by Melissa and Doug. Our crib is one by Delta. My sweet grandparents bought it (just like they’ve bought cribs for all their great-grandchildren). I couldn’t decide between a white crib (because our trim is white and I like the look of white furniture) or an espresso one (because our dresser that we already had was espresso), so I searched for two-tone ones until I found this one. I love the rolling drawer below. Both sets of curtains and the owl pillow are from Target. The quilt over the recliner was made by a friend.

Ah, my orange La-Z-Boy. I knew that I wanted something more comfy than a glider, but I thought I’d have a hard time finding a recliner that was cute. I never would have thought of an orange recliner, but we saw one at a store. The chair didn’t quite fit me (my head was higher than the back of the chair), but it looked so cute and whimsical that we almost bought it. After looking at a few more stores, we learned that we could put that orange microfiber fabric that we’d seen on any La-Z-Boy model that we wanted. So I sat on a bunch of chairs, found one that was tall enough for me, but still had a pretty small footprint, and that’s how we got our chair.

The green shag rug and flower wall lights are from Ikea. My sister-in-law gave me the Moses basket that now holds stuffed animals. The wicker chest is from Hobby Lobby. The letters on the wall were a shower gift. The portrait of Mary is from a local Catholic bookstore. The “Mary Potter and the Nursery Safari” picture was a Christmas gift from my talented brother-in-law Jon (not to be confused with Matt who has done a lot of other art for us…I know, two artistic brothers-in-law, I’m so lucky!). The curtain rod is from Lowe’s.

This shot was to show the light fixture – another great Ikea purchase. The green framed giraffe poster is from I bought it along time ago because I liked the print (I think it’s called “Such Great Heights”), but knew I owned too many graphic tees. The elephant humidifier on the nightstand in the corner is from Target. Every nursery needs a humidifier. Might as well buy a cute one.

We bought the dresser as part of a bedroom suite before we got married, when Mark was already living in the carhole (our old garage apartment). I told him I had a have a place to put my clothes before I moved in! Using a dresser as a changing table is the way to go, I think. Although, honestly, I change Mary’s diaper more often on the floor, the couch, or our bed. The giraffe hanging above the changing pad is from a toy store in Assisi, Italy. We were there when I was pregnant. The Noah’s ark clock was sent to us by friends who live near London. They found it at a cathedral’s gift shop. The adorable quilt on the wall was designed by a friend and made by her mom. The back of it is a cute giraffe print fabric with a heart in the middle that has her birth stats.

There’s that little monkey again! She’s playing with a darling lamb purse that had to be taken off the closet door awhile ago. It’s darling, but has small parts. I put it back but didn’t get a good shot of it, I guess. (You can see it in the first photo, in the very top right corner.) The sweater was made by a 90-year-old nun in Spain.

The bookshelf is from Pottery Barn Kids because we were a little impatient. I’m sure we could’ve found a cheaper alternative (oh, how I wish Ikea was closer!), but even though we overpaid, I am very happy with the sturdiness. I don’t have to worry about her pulling it over. The framed bulletin board is from Hobby Lobby, I just painted the cork orange. The Mary crown is a favor from my niece’s birthday party. The abstract giraffe painting above the closet is something I made in college during a crafty night with friends.

Okay, tour’s over!

See you next time!




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  1. I have been meaning to share something like this on my blog site and this sparked a good idea. Many thanks.

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