budget smudget

I was just on our old, terrible laptop, updating our net worth and inputting all our recent spending in my Google docs spreadsheet. (It’s been about a month since I’ve updated it!) But the old, terrible laptop was running too slow for me, so I’m giving up for the night.

I sorta hate that all I do is track our spending (and I don’t even keep current with it). I want to budget, but really am not sure how. Budgeting should be easy, right? I like the idea of a zero balance budget, but it’s hard to gauge how much we’ll spend on gas, what our electric bill will be, and so on.

Blerg. 🙂

I think we should do a “no eating out” 30 day challenge. Because we love to do that. I joke that whenever we have baby #2, maybe we’ll finally stop going to restaurants. Mary is just so good, we take her anywhere!


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