fun baby times

Mary is growing into a fun little girl. She’s been clapping for a long time now, waving too, and has been saying “hi” nonstop since the end of May.

Her favorite thing is to say “hi” to our dog Betty. Usually, it sounds like “hi, b”, or even “happy, happy”. I love it.

She started pointing these past couple weeks, so we’re working on pointing to Betty (she usually gets that one), Daddy (sometimes), and Mama (rarely).

She loves her suitcase. She puts stuff in just to take it out. This afternoon she decided she would get in herself.



She also now enjoys crawling under the coffee table. We had it out of the way for so many months, it’s still new and exciting to her. There are little strings stapled to the underneath (not sure why we never removed them), but they’re fun for her.



She’s just the best.


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