June goals recap

Boy, I sure didn’t do too well regarding my June goals (which I’ll link to when I’m on the laptop).

I ran four times and ellipticized once.

We decided early on to not paint the playroom or door due to wanting to postpone the expense.

I do have a cleaning schedule all planned out, and I’ve started following it!

I also have Mary’s photobooks basically complete…will just have to add the last three weeks of photos when I take them.

I didn’t go to adoration twice. Just once. Kinda.

Anyways, I’m not gonna get down on myself for not meeting all of my goals. I’m gonna talk about my 30-day challenge!

My friend Carey just did a 30-day challenge where she did a different hairstyle each day. It was fun to see all her photos and read the how-to’s, plus she ended up chopping 11 inches of her hair off at the end to donate! I donated my hair a few years back, and would like to again.

My brother-in-law just started a 30-day drawing challenge. It looks neat, but I’m not much of a drawer.

So, Mark and I schemed up a different challenge for ourselves. 30 minutes of exercise each day for 30 days. We were thinking of running a mile a day for 30 days, and while it would’ve been less of a time commitment, general exercise gives us more flexibility which is great because of the heat. I’m sure I’ll often utilize naptime to exercise in the house.

All right. It’s two a.m. I need sleep.

Have a great Friday!!



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