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thank goodness for health insurance

My Finance Friday posts are pretty lame. (Maybe it’s good that I forget my posting “schedule” quite often.) But you know what is not lame? This: What would’ve cost over $51,000 (probably more if Mary was uninsured, because then negotiating … Continue reading

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thankful for a Wednesday

Yesterday, a Wednesday, felt like a wonderful weekend day. Mark and I woke up at the cracks of dawn. 1:30 a.m. for him (he went to bed about 6 pm because he’d been up for around 27 hours working and … Continue reading

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day ? & ?

So my 30-day challenge….30 minutes of exercise a day. Wow. Was it really started only this month? It seems so long ago.   Although it had been a long time since I’d exercised, I was really motivated to go for … Continue reading

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the infant days are gone

Ah, my little monkey. She gives kisses now. What is sweeter than a baby kiss? She also gives kisses to her baby doll. She hugs the doll and rolls over on it. We really need to name that doll. Mary … Continue reading

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Dear Sisters and Sisters-in-law

Why do you not live in my neighborhood? I love my stinky baby girl, but haven’t had an adult conversation in 17 hours.

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After a good night’s sleep (asleep by 11, awake at 2:30 with Mary, then up at seven for good…or good until my hour and a half nap this afternoon), I woke in a much better mood. I had a couple … Continue reading

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my own white whine

My husband told me about this website called “White Whine” a couple days ago. It’s a humorous look at “a collection of first-world problems.” I hadn’t looked at it until just a couple hours ago, when, in my head, I … Continue reading

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