I am far from disciplined. I read a great line about discipline last night that I’d quote now…but I also have an issue with laziness that prevents me from walking across the house to get the book. 😉

Anyways. Since I want the sweet life and all, I’m working on discipline when it comes to housework.

Yesterday, I followed my Tuesday plans and changed all the sheets on the beds.


I also cleaned the bathrooms. I actually don’t hate that job as much as I thought…

Today, I have written down that I’ll clean the kitchen floors. Well, we had a fairly busy day, including hanging out with Mark’s aunt and brother. Mary didn’t get a second nap in, so I put her to bed before nine (that’s really early for her!). As much as I wanted to plop on the couch next to Mark and watch some show about “twintuition”, I swept and mopped the kitchen.

I’m kinda proud of myself. How lame!!


About maggie

thirty-something. working on life.
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