decorating for a heart party

We had a little party this weekend to celebrate Mary having completely recovered from her heart surgery last month. It’d been long enough that she wasn’t at an increased risk of infection, so we could let germy kids* come over. 😉

I had a lot of fun getting stuff together for the party. I had all my ideas well in advance, but did I complete the projects well in advance? Nope, not me! 😉 I was stringing felt hearts at midnight the night before. But I like how they turned out.

(I cropped Mark out of the photo because I’m nice. He was making a goofy face.)


My mom made the sugar cookies. They are the best EVER.

The framed sketch on the table was drawn by one of the surgeons to show us what they did in surgery.

The heart baskets were only $0.99 at a party store. They held kettle corn (purchased from the Ozarks), Veggie Straws (super yummy and Mary can eat them too), and caramel puffs. Here’s the recipe. My sister-in-law Kristen gave me the recipe, but advised that our stores don’t carry the Old Dutch Corn Puffs, so look for the Chester Cheetah brand.

The caramel puffs went fast. I scattered conversation hearts on the tiered stand, and Mark topped it off with Mary’s hospital bracelet. In the background you can see our party favors – heart-shaped sunglasses. Here’s my nephew James rocking them:

Another decoration I put together was a banner using some of Mary’s chest x-rays. She’s had a lot more than four in the past year, but I didn’t want to overwhelm the space.

I also put some heart-shaped pillows on a few chairs, and our entryway had her Children’s Hospital panda bear next to a vase of flowers.

I made Jello Jigglers (for the first time!). Mary thought they were okay.


We had a great afternoon celebrating Mary.


*Okay, I bet all the kids weren’t germy. We did have twelve kids (all four and under) stop by. Including my sister’s five kids! It was the first time for me to meet them. What a bunch of cuties. Seriously. I have photos, but can’t share. If you’re interested in the adventures of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (also can’t share their names yet), go visit Kate’s blog. It might not be updated super often, but hey, she’s gonna be a busy mama.


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