pillowcase dress

Tuesday, I finished up my second pillowcase dress. I followed this tutorial for the most part.

I’ll make a second one before Saturday, so my niece Hannah can try them on. I’m working on fit (and sewing straight!), so that I can make cute coordinating dresses for Mary and Hannah to wear to their first birthday party…which is exactly one month away!!

I didn’t realize the ribbon was organza until I opened it at home. I wanted plain white to match the bias tape on the armholes. Oh well.
My plan for the birthday dresses is to use gingham. The theme is Hannah Banana and Mary Berry (so, really, yellow and red). Hannah’s dress will be yellow gingham with red trim. Mary’s will be red gingham with yellow trim. I might use pom poms or rick rack or something to make them more festive. I’m also wondering if I can’t make a banana and a fruit applique to put on the front of the dresses. My inspiration would be these two stickers:

That is a scan of the stickers. I used it to make the invite on Picasa. I just entered all the info in the middle using the text tool.


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