spaghettio’s & sleep

Mary and I shared some off-brand spaghettio’s at lunch. It wasn’t 50/50. More like 98/2. Or 98/1/1 if you count what Betty the dog enjoyed from the floor. Mary didn’t want me to spoon-feed her, so it was messier than I’d hoped for a mid-day meal.


I guess I’ve been doing the hotly debated sleep training method of “Crying It Out” (CIO) with Mary the past four nights. I never thought I would, but it was apparently the right time for both of us (or all three of us if you count Daddy who basically said the best time would be when he was at work and wouldn’t have to hear her). It was never traumatic, she never cried more than ten minutes consecutively, and last night after putting her down awake, she slept for nine hours. Which is AMAZING.

I hope my champ keeps it up.


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