My body hurts! I hadn’t been doing any exercise consistently, but I hope I’m back on track now.

I ran the past two nights with some of my family.

Saturday night:


It was pretty late, and completely dark out in the middle of nowhere (which is where my parents live). The runners were my sister Marianne, my sister-in-law Ryn (who just ran a sub-four hour marathon!), my fifteen-year-old nephew Duncan, and my bossy brother Patrick.


Seriously, though, Patrick did a great job, staying with me and pushing me to run the entire two miles. He might wear funny shoes (Vibram five fingers), but he knows what he’s talking about.

Because it was dark and there aren’t streetlights along the blacktop, our friend Julie followed in her truck. I think next time I’ll suggest blasting some music to keep us pumped up. 😉

Sunday evening:


Ryn wanted to go four miles, so the rest of us took two mile shifts. The girls went first (Ryn, Marianne, another sister-in-law Sarah, and myself). This time it was not dark and NOT cool. It was probably around 90 degrees. And windy. And yes, I’m making good excuses. The first mile was into the wind and my mouth got so dry. When we turned back towards the house, my new goal was to make it to the half-mile. Marianne had stayed with me and tried so hard to keep me running, but after 1.5 miles, I was beat. That last half-mile I would walk the distance between two telephone poles, then run double that, then walk, and so on. I ended up just walking three poles, and my time wasn’t too much worse than the previous night’s.

Today is my rest day (although I’m actually going to work four hours tonight at my old pharmacy, so I can’t lie on the couch forever with my aching legs propped up), and my plan is to run around the neighborhood early in the morning. Two days on, one day off seems like a good plan.


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