MckMama (an uber-blogger, I used to read her, notsomuch anymore) calls her little ones MSC for many small children.

This weekend was full of MSC! My two brothers that live out of state came to visit, so we had lots of family togetherness. I went and stayed at my folks’ house for a day and a half with Mary, but Mark stayed back to work. Lemme tell you, I’m glad I’m not a single parent! I had plenty of other adults to help with Mary, but she’s a little clingy or something, because she cried whenever I wasn’t with her. It made loading the car, going for a run, showering, and other things quite the events.

Also, hanging out with my older niece and nephews (older as in three years old) makes me a little more okay with Mary growing up. They are fun kids.

I’m sure other people have better photos from the weekend, but I got a few decent ones on my phone.









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