frugal cloth diapering

(Mary, this morning, after her first time to wear a FuzziBunz. It lasted 12 hours no problem!)

There are lot of good reasons to cloth diaper. The fact that it can be a frugal choice is just one. (I say “can be frugal” because it can also become a very expensive thing…if you catch the cloth diapering bug and enjoy shopping for cute prints, different styles, etc.)

If you’re interested in cloth diapering, I like this post by Young House Love (a good blog, by the by) and this forum at What to Expect. This post is especially informative.

There are ongoing costs of cloth diapering. Here are ways that I try to keep them down:

1) Line dry diapers and inserts. This is super easy and it keeps you from running your dryer. I especially like to do this in the warm summer sun because it makes any discoloring disappear like magic!

2) Double up flushes. I use a diaper sprayer to hose off poopy diapers into the toilet. I usually use it after I’ve used the toilet myself, that way I’m not flushing simply to spray the diaper.

If you cloth diaper, do you do it to be frugal?


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  1. danardoyle says:

    Those are some stylin’ diapers! Cute!

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