I’m clearly on a blogging kick (multiple days in a row, wha?!), and it’s been so long that I’ve attempted to follow my little themed days (Motherhood Monday, TuesDIY, and so on) that it took me a minute to remember what Thursdays were.

I used to participate in You Capture (not consistently) and Thankful Thursdays (also not consistently).

I’d like to get back into You Capture because I’d really like to use my camera more, and maybe take photos of something besides the cutest baby girl in the world…but for today, at least, I’ll just use my own format to share some things that I am recently (and often continually) thankful for.

I am very thankful for Mary’s health. It’s been four weeks and one day since her heart surgery. She is doing so well! We went to see her cardiologist yesterday and he was very pleased with everything. The pressures in her pulmonary arteries are now normal, her right ventricle is decreasing in size (it was enlarged), and he really can’t see any leaking around the stitches of her patch (it’s normal to see some, so it’s great to not!). That last part is really a testament to how fantastic her surgeons are at their jobs. Seriously. They are amazing!

I’m thankful for my sister-in-law Kristen. She always makes the effort to ask if Mary and I want to join her and her two kids on their adventures. 🙂 She introduced us to Storytime in the Park last week. I decided to share the fun, and invited a couple girls from church this week. We all had a good time this morning. Here’s a pretty poor shot of Mary (it was hard to take one while holding her, a blanket, her shoes, and the phone, but I promise she enjoyed it):

I’m thankful for my hard-working husband. I like to brag on him. He picked up an extra half-shift this morning at the pharmacy (he works security). I hope we have time to squeeze in a family nap this afternoon because it’s back to work tonight for Officer Oh!

I’m thankful we always have enough to eat. Last night we had people over for dinner (Mark’s brother Matt, our friends Erik and Carey, Megan, and another girl Haley). I don’t think we’ve ever had people over and ran out of food, but last night it was a bit of a disorganized potluck, so we had even more than usual. Two people brought veggie trays, we bought chips, but someone brought more, Mark’s mom sent food, there were two desserts…so, yes. Lots of food. Which means I had a good lunch today:



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