blogging from our new “office”

So, yes, the Oh house is a’changin’. It’s been a real mess around here (even more than the usual real mess), but it’s rapidly improving!

After Mark got home this morning, he spent around two hours moving our bed into our new room. What a man he is. We had to really think about where we should place the bed because it’s a monster and we wanted to block as little of the windows and floor vents as possible. My nightstand (also a monster) won’t fit by the bed now, but we’ve got some other options. I can’t wait to have it all finish/arranged/decorated…!

The room that we’ve always called “the office” must now be referred to as “the guest room”. Or “guest room with elliptical”. Either one. πŸ™‚ I really think I’m gonna like how it’ll turn out, too. Matt still has a few totes in there, I’ve got to purge the closet once again, and we need to figure out what we want to hang on the walls, so it’ll be a bit before I share its reveal.

Our office area, where I am able to be now because it’s 6:38 pm and Mary is napping (oops!), is in our living room. We need to get our ol’ desktop up and running and organize my sewing stuff…but it’s looking pretty good so far!

And finally, Mary’s playroom. It’s my favorite thing…that we haven’t even started. πŸ˜‰ I’m hoping to paint it next week!

I’ll add a picture of our bedroom soon after we moved in (almost two years ago), just so this post has a visual. Seriously. Wordy posts aren’t my favorite. The room in the photo is the room that will be Mary’s playroom…


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2 Responses to blogging from our new “office”

  1. danardoyle says:

    Looks great – very crisp and clean! Now that I’m out of school for a couple of months, I’m fixing to hit the closets and cabinets- one at a time – Yuck!

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