cleaning out the office day

I mentioned before that I cleaned out our office. There’s still some sorting (and tossing) to do, but I made a great dent.

Here’s what I trashed/recycled:

  1. college notebook
  2. wireless adapter box
  3. music table instructions
  4. notebook
  5. stationary box
  6. gun holster warranty
  7. tgt paystubs
  8. shoebox
  9. gift bag
  10. save the dates from our wedding (a bunch!)
  11. cancer (zodiac) cards
  12. valentines
  13. greeting cards
  14. thank you notes
  15. xmas tie
  16. business cards
  17. burned “Gladiator” dvd
  18. cop notebooks
  19. Garmin book
  20. Garmin book
  21. Garmin book
  22. Garmin book
  23. Garmin book
  24. Garmin book
  25. Garmin book
  26. Garmin book
  27. Garmin book
  28. Garmin book (they came in a LOT of languages)
  29. Mark’s sr pictures (saved a couple)
  30. a huge pile of Halloween caricatures from church
  31. tgt training papers
  32. our extra wedding invites (big pile)
  33. health insurance booklets
  34. training binder
  35. dead batteries
  36. deposited checks
  37. car loan app
  38. catalogs
  39. cd case
  40. cd case
  41. cd case
  42. cd case
  43. cd case
  44. cd case
  45. broken picture frame
+ 234 other pieces of paper = 279 things out of my house!!!

About maggie

thirty-something. working on life.
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