I really do like a LOT of stuff from IKEA.

Especially their kids’ stuff. And fabrics. And lighting. And kitchens. And…well, most everything.

We spent a lot of money there today. We bought a desk and a filing cabinet for the office/craft area we’re setting up in our living room. And then everything else was pretty much for Mary’s playroom. I can’t wait to have everything all set up. But even then, there will lots of room to add to the playroom, and that makes me happy. I had to refrain from buying more than we currently need. For example, they have a great art easel for $15. Well, I don’t think Mary’s going to need that for a little while longer. Also, I wanted to get a fun lighting fixture, but that can wait. And I’m not sure what we’ll do for curtains…

Anyways, right now, our house is a MESS. My brother-in-law is in the process of moving out (his last day of class is Friday), and we’re switching around some of the bedrooms. Currently, there’s a bed in our dining room. Yup.

I took a couple photos at IKEA on my phone, but I’m blogging from the computer for once. So I’ll just throw up something that I’ve recently added to Flickr (I’m in the process of adding all of our photos!)…



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