big D shopping

Welp, we are enjoying our little weekend getaway. We left early Friday morning after Mark got off work, and Mary slept the first three hours. After a quick stop to nurse, change her diaper, and gas up the car, the last 90 minutes of driving went…okay. 🙂

Tonight is pretty much a repeat of last night, Mark has wedding obligations and we girls are hanging in our hotel room. I’m pretty bummed that we don’t get HGTV, but I’ve been lucky with finding girly movies to watch.

Earlier today, while Mark had pre-wedding obligations (ever heard of whirlyball? Yeah, me neither), Mary and I went to a mall with our friend Megan.

I didn’t go overboard and only purchased three tshirts, two sets of earrings, and some fun Polaroid photo magnets.

Later in the afternoon we picked Mark up and headed to The Container Store. Ah, what a fun place! Makes me want more junk to throw in more decorative boxes…oh, wait, no. That’s not right! 😉 We bought an orange class liter bottle for water (reminds me of eating meals with the nuns in Europe), tiny salt and pepper shakers (one of our crystal ones broke at Easter), a trashcan to hold our dirty rags, towels and bibs in the kitchen…and surely something else, but I can’t remember.

Tomorrow we are hitting up IKEA (with Megan again) and I’m working on my shopping list:

-twin sheets (for my sisters’ kids)
-plastic dishes (also for a sister)
-spice racks (a bunch of them…for something WAY cooler than spices)
-a rug for the playroom
-cheap picture frames
-a light fixture for the playroom
-full-length mirrors for an idea I have
-a desk that can be for our desktop computer but also for my sewing machine
-Swedish meatballs

And probably other things. 🙂


(Mary’s first “big girl” ride in a shopping cart. She also ate her first meal in a restaurant highchair today. She’s growing up too fast!)


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