Today I made great strides in ridding my house of clutter.

I started working on our office/guest room. Junk lived under the bed (less than I thought!), in the closet, in the desk, on the desk, in a file cabinet…blah blah blah. Junk junk junk. Well, some of it is important, but so much of it was trash.

I’ll update numbers and post lists later (simpler lists than I’ve been doing, I think)…but more than 250 pieces of paper went in to the trash. Yes, I counted. Very roughly. And I didn’t bother to track some pieces, but I made a few trash piles that I counted. I typically counted each item, but sometimes counted a group (like my pile of La Leche League papers) as one.

I also threw away some non-paper items. And tossed some stuff in a bag to donate.

I tried really hard not to get too distracted while sorting. I did read a few cards and letters, but not all. I pretty much tossed anything that wasn’t from my husband.

One thing that you might get a kick out of is the following clip from my college town’s newspaper. The police report was always good for a giggle.



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