stuff! stuff!

The other day I was hanging with my sister as she was working on de-cluttering her home. This song (link is to YouTube video) popped into my head. I’m still laughing about it. You know, Diamond Rio was the first concert I ever went to. And I can’t even remember what the last one I went to. An Orange Peel, maybe? Good thing I’m not into concerts…

Anyways. Stuff. I’ve got too much of it. Hence the 2011 in 2011 project. I’ve got a ways to go, huh? Both of my sisters (Kate and Marianne) have been doing a lot better than me lately.

In an effort to get more motivated, here’s a list of stuff that has left my house somewhat recently.

Thrown away:

  1. empty lighter
  2. 26th birthday cards
  3. old church envelopes
  4. broken laptop cord
  5. a random poster that I have no idea where it came from
  6. calendar from Wilson & Wilson Folk Art
  7. 30th birthday card that I wrote but never gave to a SIL
  8. bags from our Assisi souvenirs
  9. pillowcase
  10. a note from an aunt
  11. burned DVD of a Gilmore Girls episode
  12. CD jewel case
  13. paper CD case
  14. + pregnancy test
  15. + pregnancy test (they were the digital ones from when I was pg w/Mary…and of course the window no longer said “pregnant”)
  16. broken booklight
  17. phone line
  18. plastic ball and chain (from someone’s bachelor party?)
  19. gross tshirt of Mark’s after a haircut
Given away/Donated:
  1. my beautiful green Pier 1 rug
  2. pair of Mark’s boots
  3. box of rice
  4. can o’ pineapple
  5. can o’ hominy (these were the things I gave to the food drive that we probably would’ve let go to waste…I did give good stuff too, though!)
I have a bag of clothes and a box of stuff ready to take to donate soon. Maybe this week?

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thirty-something. working on life.
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