midnight miscellany

It’s really just after 11 pm, but by the time I peck out this post on my phone, it just may be midnight…

-Mary is still doing great! Her incision looks good, she’s very active, and she’s eating like a champ. She is a much fussier, more dramatic baby, but 90% of the time, she’s mellow Mary. Infection/illness is our only major concern, and every time she coughs I panic a bit.

-Surgery did not miraculously turn Mary into a wonderful sleeper, unfortunately. I waver between co-sleeping for the next five years (and praying she never crawls off the bed) and doing some sort of sleep training (pick-up/put-down with me on an air mattress by the crib?).

-My husband grilled kabobs last night and made hummus. I love that he brings variety to our dinner table.

-Speaking of dinner tables, Mark and I did get to enjoy a nice dinner (of leftover lasagna, salad & sandwiches) at home tonight…all by ourselves! Sweet Mary did last 30 minutes in her crib.

-I spent a lot of money at Hobby Lobby the other day and should really finish up a couple projects I’ve started…

-We’ve got lots of travel plans in our future. Dallas this coming weekend (Mark’s in that wedding and Mary and I have a date with IKEA), maybe Missouri in June, Albuquerque in August, and Washington, DC, later in the fall.

-We’ve also got home improvements in our future (and past since we just got a new AC and furnace last week). I’m most excited about some interior painting because it’ll be the cheapest. πŸ˜‰

-I really wish I could link from here, but this’ll have to do for now:


That is my sister’s blog post about how they are adopting FIVE kids!! Stuff is still sort of in the early stages, but I’m so excited for them. πŸ™‚ Crazy fun times ahead, right?

-And as a reader of blogs, I’ve learned posts without photos need photos…



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