the best daddy

It’s been 22 hrs since I’ve nursed Mary. She’s only gone longer than five hours a handful of times. I’m not sure when they’ll let her try to drink…she did throw up a couple times post-op. Poor girl must be hungry (she is getting IV fluids of course), and to satisfy her sucking reflex we give her these sponges on a stick and wet washrags. (Too bad she doesn’t like pacifiers!)

We can’t hold her yet. She has a chest tube that must be removed before that can happen. I’m praying they’ll be able to do that tomorrow.

She’s sleeping most of the time, but is waking up more frequently and getting her voice back, so her cries are harder to bear. She’s probably having pain some of the time, but I bet a lot of her tears and frustrations come from her being scared, uncomfortable (her arms are restrained), and confused why we’re not holding her, why I’m not nursing her.

Mark is so good at getting her calm and back to sleep. He sweetly strokes her hair, helps her keep whatever is currently soothing her securely in her mouth, and just is encouraging. I’m so glad he insisted on staying the night here with us when I told him he could head home for some much-needed sleep. And I’m glad he made an extra stop to bring me ice cream. He’s the best.

(the sweetest photo ever…taken last month):



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4 Responses to the best daddy

  1. Naomi says:

    Bless you all and sending the best thoughts from Australia.

  2. Marianne says:

    Mark is so great! Praying you guys get to hold Mary soon…I can’t imagine how tough that is but I know you’ll more than make up for it with extra snuggling as soon as you can. Love you guys!

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