a heart story

You know how birth stories are all the rage? Famous bloggers have famous blog posts about the birth of their children. Well, I meant to write Mary’s birth story before I forgot it all, but I felt like it would be one big long, run-on sentence. Like this: A week before my due date I worked a twelve-hour shift at the pharmacy and then ate two plates of beans and rice at home and then my water broke, you know, not gushed, but trickled enough that I knew what was going on, and when I told my husband, he, his brother and their friend jumped up from the couch and looked so much like a Three Stooges act it was hard not to laugh, and I couldn’t even feel contractions for the first couple hours, but then they were pretty bothersome, and boy was I tired, so I got some pain meds which just made me annoyed and very sleepy, so I asked for an epidural at about 5 a.m. or something even though I had sorta wanted to be one of those awesome natural mamas and I slept for one wonderful hour, and woke up to nurses and my lovely doctor and it was time to push, and it’s such a weird, great experience, and I had said several times I didn’t want a mirror to see what was going on, but then I did, and it seemed to be the motivation, and out came my beautiful, dark-haired baby girl and I said “I could do that again.” She was born just 11 hours after my water broke. An amazing first labor and delivery, I’d say.

Well, today is another big day for Mary, and I might as well write out a heart story.

Her open-heart surgery sure was quicker than I had expected. When they said 3-5 hours, and maybe “noonish”, and the actual procedure was really completed between about 8:30 am and 10:30 am, I’m impressed. The surgical team made a patch out of her own pericardium to place over her VSD (it took 7 stitches) and then they put a stitch to close her ASD (the patent foramen oval).

I guess I had really prepared myself for a terrible sight, because when I saw her afterwards in the PICU, I thought she just looked so beautiful and not scary at all. That, of course, made me happy. She had the following hooked on/stuck in her: a breathing tube, a chest tube, an IV port in each foot, a central line, an arterial line near her groin, pulse ox leads on her finger, her forehead, and her side, a Foley catheter, and several heart monitor leads.

They took out her breathing tube about an hour ago, and it was terrible to hear her cough and choke and cry with a tiny cry (the tube made her lose her voice), but it’s good to know she’s doing well on her own. She’s on oxygen through a nose cannula, but apparently, she really doesn’t need it.

She’s such a great baby. I’m proud of her.
I’m praying she continues to do so well, that they keep her comfortable, and that tomorrow I’ll be able to hold and nurse her.

Pictures from this past Sunday:


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4 Responses to a heart story

  1. Marianne says:

    I love your run-on sentence! Three Stooges…haha!

    I’m so glad Mary did so well today and that she still looked beautiful after surgery. I know you’re proud of her and we are so proud of you and Mark too. You guys are amazing.

    Her photos on here are oh-so-cute! Can’t wait to see her again. Love you!!

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  3. Robin says:

    Praise God! Your family was on my heart all day yesterday! I will be praying for continued good reports and speedy healing for Mary 🙂
    PS Your birth story is awesome. Totally. Awesome.

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