Right now, I’m sitting in the car, parked in our driveway. Mary is asleep in her carseat, so we are just chilling.

Her pre-op appointment went well. It was long, but she was a champ during an EKG, a blood draw, and a chest Xray. I’m so ready for when these tests are few and far between.

I feel like I have so much to do today, I’m not even sure where to start. Wash clothes, wash diapers, pack for Mary and myself, go buy some snacks and a few other things we need, go pick up something at the church for Mark, get ready for sewing class, go to sewing class, drop the playmat off at a friend’s house, make sure the house is presentable for my folks and in-laws since they’re coming to stay for a few days, maybe take some stuff to Goodwill, bathe the baby, play with the baby, nurse the baby, love the baby…

My poor sleep-deprived husband is sleeping now. He has adoration from 2-3 a.m., so he won’t sleep much tonight. I probably won’t either. I have to stop nursing Mary at midnight. Hopefully she’ll sleep well after that…



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