the big day

Wednesday is the big day. Mary’s open-heart surgery to repair her two congenital defects (VSD and ASD).

My sister wrote a sweet post complete with lots of cute photos.

I’ll type a bit and throw in some eye candy too.

I’m really not that worried about her surgery. Which makes me feel a little bit weird. I know they are opening up her chest, spreading the bones, and purposefully stopping her heart. Blood will flow through a heart-lung machine to keep her body oxygenated. That will irritate her blood and she’ll get a little puffy. She’ll have a breathing tube and a chest tube and a couple IVs. I’m more worried about seeing her like that. After the fact. Having to wait to hold her and nurse her.

There’s obviously lots of risks with such a major surgery, but one that sticks out is the (rare) chance that she’ll need a pacemaker if they nick the nerves that deal with the conductivity of her heart. There are worse things than having a pacemaker, but I’m hoping this will be her one and only heart surgery, so I’d like to avoid that. A pacemaker would have to be continually replaced every so many years.

Like I mentioned in the last post, one of the surgeons is a parishioner at our church and our priest is going to scrub in to watch the surgery. I’ve heard such fantastic things about this surgical team and how everyone in the room says a prayer before they begin their work. I think that makes it easier for me to have such trust in them. I’m sure their faith is what got them to be top-notch in the first place.

And for a cute photo…Friday was the big ol’ Royal Wedding of William and Kate, so I put Mary in a princess outfit. And for her weekly photo, we used a crown prop. 🙂 I picked another one to post to Facebook, but I like her pursed lips in this one.

And now the Princess is awake in her crib! Gotta run!


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