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interior painting

Most people don’t hesitate to DIY when it comes to interior painting. It’s not that hard, right? Well, here are some of our rookie mistakes/unfortunate happenings… The tape peeled paint off the trim, which we hadn’t repainted, so the paint … Continue reading

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so big

I realize she’s not even a year old. And she’s barely 15 lbs (not even on the charts!). But sometimes it hits me that Mary is getting so big. She waves and says “hi” a lot. She can hold her … Continue reading

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blogging from our new “office”

So, yes, the Oh house is a’changin’. It’s been a real mess around here (even more than the usual real mess), but it’s rapidly improving! After Mark got home this morning, he spent around two hours moving our bed into … Continue reading

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and then there were three…

My brother-in-law has moved out. (Some of his stuff remains…but it should be out by the end of the weekend.) Matt’s been fun to have around most of the time, and I’m sad that I’ll have to do the dishes … Continue reading

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Family & Children’s Services donation

I love, love, love it when charities call to ask if I can have donations on my porch on a certain morning. How easy is that? This morning, the following was taken off my porch and therefore removed from my … Continue reading

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cleaning out the office day

I mentioned before that I cleaned out our office. There’s still some sorting (and tossing) to do, but I made a great dent. Here’s what I trashed/recycled: college notebook wireless adapter box music table instructions notebook stationary box gun holster … Continue reading

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I really do like a LOT of stuff from IKEA. Especially their kids’ stuff. And fabrics. And lighting. And kitchens. And…well, most everything. We spent a lot of money there today. We bought a desk and a filing cabinet for … Continue reading

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