our new “office”



Well, here is my little art project, proudly displayed over our unattractive fusebox in the living room. I had it hanging over to the left (where the clock is now) ever since I peeled off the tape, because that’s where a nail happened to be, but once I started to “stage” the area a bit today to get a proper (iPhone) photo, I realized that the canvas hangs on the fusebox without any hardware at all!

I chose orange and blue because orange is my husband’s alma mater’s color, and blue is mine. Well, actually, my school is more navy, but this Caribbean was on sale. 🙂 Eventually, I’ll hang our diplomas and other college memorabilia on that wall, so this canvas will hopefully tie it all together.

I’ll try to add links later, but this project was inspired by some ever-so-cool chevron walls.

I’m pretty excited about this corner of the living room. It needs a lot of work, more storage, and an actual desk, but in a couple months it should be very nice!


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2 Responses to our new “office”

  1. Kate says:

    I noticed your artwork at Easter. I wondered if it was some FSU arrow symbol or something! 🙂 At least I was with the college theme! Good job!

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