Easter desserts


It is a tradition in my husband’s family to make a bunny cake each Easter. My husband baked it this year. It’s from a box, and he used two round cake pans. Actually he used one, but twice. 🙂 My brother-in-law (artist extraordinaire) assembled the cake, frosted it, and decorated it. My contribution? Well, I suggested we make it chocolate with pink frosting (the usual is a white cake with white icing and coconut), and I rounded up the items to make the eyes and nose (jelly beans), the whiskers (pretzels…I wanna make them chocolate-dipped next time), the teeth (marshmallows), and the sprinkles for the tie.

I think it looked great. It tasted yummy too!

Another yummy concoction I ate this weekend, and may recreate some day was Nerds sugar cookies. Oh yeah. Right on. They were bought from a bakery and served after the Easter Vigil mass at my church.



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