sleeping beauty

I’m not sure if it’s because her daddy was home all night to rock her back to sleep, or because we gave her (ourselves?) some privacy by crashing in the guestroom…but Mary slept in her crib for most of the night!! That hasn’t happened in weeks.

She woke up about every two hours, and we traded off tending to her. After I nursed her about 4:30, she then only lasted about 45 minutes, so then she and I cuddled in our big bed. But, really, not too shabby!

THEN…today, she had three good naps. THREE. All in her crib. The first and third were around 45 minutes. The middle was over 90 minutes. 90! A record, I think! šŸ™‚

Now, the flipside is that I only offered two meals of solids, and she really only ate one of them.

We did go to her 9 month appointment this morning and church tonight for Holy Thursday. How do other moms fit it all in?!

–The crib photo isn’t from today, but it does show off a new diaper. I love it!
–I took the other picture because Mary had a spot of dried milk by her nose this morning and it made me laugh.




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