I bookmark a lot of things on my iPhone. Here’s a sampling…(click the picture for the source)

Ohdeedoh never ceases to provide cute, clever, and oh-so-creative alphabet prints.

Okay, every one and their baby has embroidery hoops above the crib. But on the wall. This “above the crib” is genius! I’m thinking of doing something similar over a reading nook in the playroom.

I seriously thought of buying this for Mark. But it’s $65. I like making fun of him for knowing Elton John songs, and I really like this lyric and the whole song myself… Honestly, if it would’ve been an orange print, I would’ve bought it in a heartbeat. That would look awesome in our bedroom.

Someday I’ll have a garage. And maybe I’ll keep folding chairs on pegs. Maybe really really cute folding chairs. 🙂


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