Matthew in a day


I went to a “Matthew in a Day” seminar yesterday at our parish. I’d love to do a big post over some of it, or even a small series of posts, but I never seem to sit down at a computer. So as I sit here in bed holding my sweet baby who seems to not want me to ever put her down tonight, I’ll peck out a few short things.

– You can’t separate the King from his kingdom. All those people who say they are spiritual or have faith, but reject religion and the Church aren’t making much sense really…

– The two disciples that encountered the risen Lord on the road to Emmaus were Cleopas and his wife – the new Adam and Eve whose eyes were opened.

– okay, um. I can’t remember much else without my notes right now. 🙂 I will add that Mary did quite well in the nursery! I was a proud mama.


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