a childless celebration

We’ve been invited to a wedding in May. And when I say “we”, I mean just Mark and myself. Not Mary. 😦

Although the envelope was beautifully addressed just to Mr & Mrs, I honestly never would’ve thought twice about arriving with the baby on my hip. But we were informed by the groom (ever so nicely, really), that children aren’t welcome.

Isn’t that crappy? I mean, I understand it’s a party and the hosts choose the guests, but it’s just sad that they don’t want kids. (And when I say “they”, I’m not really referring to the couple alone, I’m not sure who is really behind these plans.)

Weddings are about marriage. Marriage is about family. Babies and kids are part of families.

I have enough sense to remove myself and Mary if she became fussy, loud, restless, etc. I have enough sense to not have an infant at a late-night open-bar reception. But I don’t have someone to watch my child so my husband (who’s a groomsman, actually) and I can attend a wedding that is taking place five hours from our home.

I’m really kind of bummed out about the whole thing. My mother-in-law has offered to come to babysit, but I really don’t want her to…that’s a lot of effort on her part! And because I’m guessing Mary will still be quite dependent on me for nursing and sleeping, I still probably couldn’t attend all of the festivities.

I think I’ll just end up visiting extended family in the area or hanging in our hotel. I’m sure I’ll have a nice time, but I’ll be sad to miss out.


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One Response to a childless celebration

  1. danardoyle says:

    I completely agree with you. I have never understood that mentality – a wedding with no kids allowed. Marriage is about family. It may be that receptions cost so much per head these days, that cutting out children substantially cuts the cost. I’d rather have a simple reception with all welcome than a froofroo one minus the children.

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