I think I’ll get the laptop to use in bed if the child currently suckling would unlatch herself! She’s a mess. My brother and his wife babysat Mary last night, but she started crying within about fifteens minutes after we left, so our “date” was cut short. But like our priest said, it wasn’t much of a date anyways. 🙂 We went to Theology Uncorked at our parish. We learned about sacramental wine while drinking table wine, and heard just a bit of Fr K’s talk about Holy Week before we had to skidaddle.

Tomorrow I’m going to a seminar at the church and Mary will be in the nursery. I’ve never left her with someone who’s not family. Luckily I’ll be in the same building, and there are frequent breaks planned.

It was almost 90 degrees today. Boy, howdy, did I sweat on my run. I even got some red on my cheeks.

I apparently got some bonus from work. At first I thought they’d messed up my pay AGAIN, but it’s a totally separate deposit that reads FY Bonus. So….that’s fun!

I cleaned out a couple cabinets today. We have built-ins in the hallway and ample storage in the bathroom, but it’s never been too organized. I made our hall cabinet exclusively bedding and window curtains (which could maybe get hung up somewhere…they’re from our old place), and put all of our towels in the bathroom cabinet. Yep. Exciting stuff. 🙂 I do know that it made my husband happy, so that’s good. My next goal is to clean under the sinks in the kitchen and the hall bathroom. I’m sure there’s lots that can be tosses.

Well, the baby will hopefully transition to her crib now (it’s take three for the night). Crossing my fingers…


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