cocktail party

Since when am I old enough for a cocktail party? Actually, when did I start hanging out with people who have cocktail parties??

One of Mark’s best friends from high school, Don (great guy), is marrying Molly (love her), his law school sweetheart. And boy, do Don’s folks’ friends throw a party.

I ate a shrimp appetizer (!), drank a yummy drink from the open bar, and met some new people.

It was a tiny bit fun to dress up*, put on some mascara, and go out with my husband. My in-laws live about five minute from the hosts’ home, so they watched Mary Berry, and she only started fussing about ten minutes before we returned.

It was not fun to realize my dress had a big split in it. A couple days ago I tried on most of the dresses in my closet and a few in some stores before deciding on this particular one. I’m not sure when the split actually happened, but I’m sure my post-partum figure is to blame. Luckily, the sister who wears roughly the same size as me lives close enough to my in-laws that with only forty minutes before the party, I drove to her house, found a dress, drove back, nursed Mary, and was ready to go. And fortunately, the shoes I brought matched…otherwise I’d have been up a creek since it’s my other sister who has the same shoe size and she lives on the other side of the state!


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