31 in 31

Welp, I should’ve brought the ol’ laptop to bed for some serious blogging because I have the bed ALL TO MYSELF. Yes, that’s right. Mary is in her crib. Maybe she’ll last just a few more minutes, or maybe she’ll surprise us all. She did sleep in there for over two hours one night (Mark and I watched a whole movie!) and had a crazy 1.5 hour nap the other morning.

I’ll update how I did on all of my March goals later, and post some April ones as well, but I did want to brag on my running.

Because I’d skipped my runs for five days in March and had only done two “long” runs (2 miles one day, 1.5 another) and I needed to run 4.5 miles yesterday to complete 31 miles in those 31 days.

I initially thought I could run 3.5 straight, take a break for a few hours, then have Mark join me on the last mile. Well, I made it 2.14 mi before I really really wanted to stop. I popped in the house, dropped off my jacket and drank a glass of water, then hit the pavement again. I ran 0.36 mi, walked, ran 0.5 mi, walked, ran 0.5 mi.

Mark did join me later for the last mile. 🙂

And the baby is now awake. 😦


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2 Responses to 31 in 31

  1. Maggie says:

    Okay…I put Mary right back to sleep and in her crib. She slept from 11:45-5:00!! Yay! She’s in my bed at the moment, but I’ll probably put her back in her crib before I fall asleep. Yay baby!

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