heart buddies

It’s 3:30 am and I’ve been wide awake since an hour ago when I nursed Mary. After building a fort of pillows around her (she’s in my bed…she’s not even a fan of the co-sleeper tonight) to run to the bathroom and get a drink, then checking Facebook, my Google reader, and the What to Expect boards, I decided to browse the over 1700 photos on my phone.

I wanted to share the ones below for two reasons:

1) Mark, Mary, and I went to a fundraiser last month for an organization that supports families dealing with congenital heart defects. My cousin and his wife invited us. Their four-year-old son had open-heart surgery pretty soon after birth. It’s been nice to have them as a resource and for support. The boy in the photos with Mary is named Henry (he’s not my cousin’s boy) and he’s dealt with multiple surgeries. He was so captivated by Mary that evening – it was precious! He kept patting her chest, stroking her face, and tried to give her hugs. I wish I would’ve captured them better.

2) I love love that rug! The home that the fundraiser was held at was really my style. They had a great little courtyard in the middle of the house. The dining room was pretty traditional, but the living room was more modern and comfy. I totally dug.




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