Mary’s Mary

Since today was the Feast of the Annunciation, I made the small effort to get myself and the baby to mass this morning. They always have the school mass on Fridays and it’s fun to see all the cute children. Their uniforms make me jealous…wish I could’ve gone to Catholic school! Some brilliant person came up with the idea to pair older students with younger ones. They look so parental as they usher the little kids up for Communion. 🙂

Our parish was also in the midst of a 40 hour adoration, and I’d cleverly signed up for the 5:30-6 pm slot for this evening. The soup supper started at six, so I just came a little bit early for adoration, then Mary and Mark came up to eat and then we went to Stations.

I prayed a rosary while kneeling in front of the Holy Eucharist, and while a part of me was occupied with how seldom I pray the rosary and how I should pray it more often, I was mostly consumed with just praying. I like that.

I miss our old weekly adoration hour of 9-10 pm on Wednesdays. That was when I was pregnant and working, so every other week I’d be late, but it was still a good time for Mark and I to go together. Now our slot (really Mark’s) is 2-3 am on Wednesdays. We took Mary a couple times when she really tiny and would sleep anywhere. And I’ve gone a couple times alone (but of course Mary always wakes up when I’m gone!), but I miss going weekly. I really should make the effort to just pop in. Too bad we don’t live closer to the perpetual adoration chapel…

I usually don’t theme our weekly photos, but did today. Mary is 36 weeks old:



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2 Responses to Mary’s Mary

  1. danardoyle says:

    I love Mary’s onesie, and your post! I don’t pray the rosary, or attend weekday mass as much as I want to either. You have to remember that you are “in the trenches” of motherhood with having a little one right now. All you do to care for that sweet little one can be offered up as a prayer as well – that way you pray all day! Do you ever try saying the rosary in the car when traveling from one place to another? I have a CD of the rosary in my car. Sometimes, that’s the only time I can get it in!

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